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Location: 700 Longields Drive - east side of Longfields Drive & Highbury Park Drive

Do You Want A "Barrhaven Seniors' Centre?"

Would you like to see more Senior friendly housing projects at "affordable rates" in Barrhaven?

Are you interested in having a Community Centre in Barrhaven where groups can hold festivals, celebrations, community activities etc?

Do you support our work in exploring options for a permanent location for a "Barrhaven Seniors' Centre?"

If you answered yes to "any" of the above questions, please take 5 minutes to complete this online survey. It is available in several languages https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YSJ3SX6

With the support of Barrhaven residents, the three projects mentioned above will take place.

Please help by sharing your opinions, and by having your neighbours, friends and other family members express their views. We need a large number of responses from Seniors in Barrhaven !


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About Us

Expand social opportunities!

Join older adults and seniors with similar interests from the community.  These could be interests and skills from your work environment, or maybe a unique hobby.

Over 700 older adults 55+ in and around Barrhaven have joined our group list and we continue to expand. 

It's sometimes difficult  to find others in the community with similar interests.  Expand you network of friends by taking part in some of our activities.

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer?  All of our programs are run by volunteers.  Whether it is through helping others, or by leading an activity, your willingness to help will be very much appreciated.

It's Fun !

Our volunteers offer a wide variety of: Programs; Social Activities; Outings and Special Events - plus provide links to other services available in the community.

Group activities are designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere - . in a relaxed setting.

Want to see new sights?  Join us on one of our full day bus tours out of the city.  We use highway coaches with a professional tour guide and driver.

Like to explore different part of the city? Join the seasonal "Out and About" group as they take one of the free for seniors OCTranspo routes.  There is lots to see and do in our city.

No Membership Fee !

As a CRA Registered Charity - #72092 5924  RR0001 - any older adult or senior can join our group.  Annual "activity fees" may apply. 

There is no fee required to be able to join this group.  Everyone is welcome to participate.

Tax Receipts are issued for all Donations.  For ease of budgeting, donations can be made in lump sum or by monthly giving.  We appreciate any and all donations.  


Financial support from the community as a whole is needed so that our volunteers can offer a wide variety of programs and services to older adults and seniors from Barrhaven and surrounding areas.

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